Backing up my 500GB HDD help

Discussion in 'iMac' started by L14M333, Jun 15, 2010.

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    Feb 4, 2010
    Hello, my mighty mac seems to be having some troubble, so i went do repair my disk when i get a nice scary red message telling me to backup and reinstall.. so im gona do what im told. but i have a problem... i follow apples backup method of making a image of my 500gb full hdd (well 50gb free) to copy onto a clean 500GB fat32 USB hdd... when making the image i get the error sayin there isnt enough space when there is.. (does it need a temp folder?) so that option dont work, my next option was to just copy my user folder over (wehere it all is), That also fails with an error of 0...

    so am i stuffed? i cant be doing with just making all new folders and copying and pasting bits and bobs back in, i want to try start fresh and only copy my media and needed files back over first as i need it but i need to be able to back it up first!

    Can anyone give any tips on backing up a "Corrupt HDD" (what im still booted on)

    Thanks in advanced


    EDIT: im a idiot... i even said why in this post... its because the drive was formatted to Fat32 (4Gb file limit...) a 500GB HDD image goes just a little over 4gb!

    sorted now, just have to wait for it now ¬¬

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