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    Aug 7, 2012
    I've only recently taken over administering our Mac server so I've had take a crash course as I'm not an Apple person, but have been forced to get on board because of work. I've found and corrected several issues so far and right now I want to make sure we have a good backup solution. I discovered that the backup drive was failing so that has been replaced, but the previous administrator was using Time Machine to do the backups. From what I've read, that's probably not the ideal solution for a server. In terms of drives, the server system files are on their own drive. Then all our file and network storage is done via 2 drives setup as a raid 1 mirrored set. There is a 4th drive that is used for backup via Time Machine. Some of the server files are backed up remotely through a commercial provider as well. We also have a Time Capsule that is used for backups of 3 Mac desktops, and it's in the same physical location as the server.

    The problem with this setup is that if something happens and the server is destroyed or damaged, we lose everything except what's backed up remotely. Even if it wasn't destroyed, but the server system drive crashed, I don't think we can boot off the backup created by Time Machine on the internal backup drive, can we?

    I'm think the best solution would be to use Carbon Copy Cloner or something similar to do the backups to the internal backup drive. Then instead of having those 3 Mac desktop machines backup to the Time Capsule, they'd backup to the server backup drive as well (there should be enough room). Then I'll move the Time Capsule to a separate location, still in the building, but at least not right next to the server and have the server backup drive backed up to it (if that's possible). Once the subscription is up to our current online backup provider, I'll switch to one where we can backup the entire server.

    Is this a good solution and even possible? Any suggestions?

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    Sep 1, 2011
    I can share our setup:

    I use SuperDuper to backup our server's OS HD and our user files HD nightly. We also have CrashPlanPro running and backing up both the OS and File Drive as well.

    CrashPlanPro unlimited for one machine (I think ~$8/month) has been the best decision we've ever made. You can keep versions of your docs and simply restore it online.

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