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Discussion in 'iPad' started by SamanthaJane1, Nov 24, 2012.

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    Nov 24, 2012

    Sorry to bother with simple questions, but they confuse me!

    I have an iPad new generation. When I connect to the computer, the computer syncs all the apps I ever bought back to the iPad. There is a reason I deleted them all in the first place... :rolleyes:

    I will turn off 'sync apps' but I still want the apps to back up to my computer as this protects them if my iPad breaks right? (I am not 100% sure on this one!)

    What do I need to do for this?

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    As every App you have was bought from Apple iTunes Store (App Store), they are always available for you to download from it free.
    The only reason to have a back up is to restore your iOS device once you want to.
    You can change your settings about how the App will behave in your iPad settings directly as we'll as when you connect it to the computer in the computer's iTunes preferences.
    The back up is not only for Apps. But for your photos, videos recorded with the iOS device. The emails, unless you don't want that. And all other things like your contacts, calendar, notes,etc.

    I particularly do not backup the Apps, only the ones that have some data I care about that will not be able to recover when I downloaded them from Apple: a password and to do apps I usez
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    Nov 24, 2012

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