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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by smwatson, Nov 21, 2005.

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    Now before i start, i must warn you this is about backing up Windows. I know i know wrong forum but you guys are so much better than the microsoft geeks, and you appear to actually care about the peoples problems. So here goes:

    My friend has a computer with Windows XP home edition. He wants to install it on an old computer and he needs the system files. However, he doesnt have the XP disc (long story). So, he needs to know how he can copy any neccessary files onto a CD, then he can put the CD into his old PC and boot WIndows XP on it. Thanks everyone, and sorry about the whole different operatin system thing ;)
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    You can use something like Norton Ghost which will make a direct copy of the HD with XP on it to the other computer. You will have to reactivate it and also the hardware will be different so it may not even boot afterwards without bluescreening. Its not like Mac OS X where you can install OS X on a HD, take it out and put it in a different Mac. Too much difference in hardware. If the motherboards don't have the same or very similar chipset in them, then I doubt it will even boot without a bluescreen if you try to use Ghost.

    There's no other ways to install XP without the CD. Also remember that the product key is for ONE computer only and he WILL have to activate XP in order for it to work more than 30 days. So if its on more than 1 computer, he'll have a hard time getting to activate. Now he can call Microsoft up and lie to them to get it activated, but I don't recommend that.

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