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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by pauly1, Apr 17, 2017.

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    Sep 13, 2013
    I have an old iphone 4s that has a sim card that i use that has telcel service in mexico. I have an iphone SE that doesn't have a sim card and will be getting a sim card. Thus i will use my iphone SE and not use the iphone 4s much anymore.

    I will keep the same number. I like to however backup whatsapp on my iphone 4s. I read online that if you back it to google drive, that is what you should do.

    My issue is how do i backup whatsapp on my iphone4s to google drive? There is option called chat backup and i did that but i believe it backs up to icloud only? I checked online and the instructions does not make sense as to back it up to google drive. Can someone explain this to me?
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    How to back up WhatsApp messages, how to restore WhatsApp messages to a new phone: iPhone
    There are a few different ways to keep your conversations on your iPhone, but the easiest is by using iCloud backup. To do this you’ll need to take your old handset and go to WhatsApp Settings, Chats, Chat Backup and then tap Backup Now.


    On your new handset, reinstall WhatsApp, confirm your phone number (which has to be the same as the one used on your old phone) and you will be prompted to restore your chat history. Agree to this and your backup should be installed, replete with your conversations. It’s also worth going back to the settings and enabling the Auto Backup feature now, so you’ll be good to go when you upgrade to your next iPhone in a couple of years time. Also see: How to back up iPhone

    Okay so because i have an iphone, then this is all i have to do? google drive is thus not necessary? On that website, it mentions you should use google drive for android phone etc. So basically if you have old iphone and want to use another iphone, then there isn't anything else to do besides just clicking backup on the iphone 4s for the whatsapp?

    The other thing i want to know is this. Should i confirm old number on my iphone SE now for the whatsapp first? Or should i do this once i go and get a sim card for the iphone SE and then they install the sim card for me and then do the setup where i get to keep my number etc. Does this matter if i do this now or once i get the new sim card? The thing is if i do this now, well that mean i could actually use whatsapp on both phones now? Thus the iphone 4s with the sim card and also the iphone SE which has no sim card? Well what happens once i get the new sim card for the SE? Could i still use whatsapp on my old iphone etc?

    Thanks all.
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    Sep 13, 2013
    Anyone have advice on this? I will be buying a new sim card for the iphone SE and will be telling them that i want to keep my current number. Do i fill in the phone number information on the whatsapp on my iphone SE now? Or do i that later on?

    Basically could i use whatsapp on my iphone SE now at the moment by just entering the number etc?
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    That is correct, not sure about the other stuff !
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    If you install WhatsApp on the SE they will send you a verification text to the number you provide but if you can still access that on your old phone then it should be ok I think. You won't be able to run WhatsApp on both phones with the same number though so would need to backup and uninstall on the old phone first. ( I think !! )

    WhatsApp doesn't need a sim to work as I had it running on an old Nexus 7 a while back.
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    Sep 13, 2013
    Another question i have on this. On my chat option, i only spoke to 2 others on whatsapp recently. I had many more ppl added to whatsapp though but none of the conversations i have are there etc. I want to speak to someone on whatsapp. I have their phone number.

    Does that person still have me on their whatsapp or not? Do i need to send them a whatsapp invite? Im going to assume yes since one person who i speak to did sent me a whatsapp message first after i starting using my new phone etc.

    How do i send a whatsapp message to that person? Do i need to click on tell a friend and then enter their phone number etc? Thanks.

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