Backlight Bleed. Swapped. Perfect!

Discussion in 'iPad' started by nathanjbrown, Mar 18, 2011.

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    I just thought I'd take a moment to share a positive story regarding the iPad's budding reputation for backlight bleed.

    My first 64GB Wifi had terrible "flashlights" shining in from all sides; backlight bleed at its finest.

    I scheduled a Genius Bar appointment through the Apple Store iPhone app (love it) and arrived a minute or two early for my Wednesday appointment. The gentleman checking people in for their appointments - Adam at the Apple store on Stockton in San Francisco - was delightfully pleasant. He logged a few notes in their system as we chatted and then asked if he could take a preliminary look at the issue.

    In the bright lighting of the Apple store, the backlight bleed was impossible for him to see.

    No problem. He immediately passed me along to a Genius Bar rep - Diana - and she took the iPad into the back room. She came out 30 seconds later and said, "Yep. That's a problem." She then informed me that their stock situation was poor and she'd work to get me a "retail replacement" ASAP (she also offered a "service replacement," but I expressed concern with that option and she completely understood).

    Thursday morning I had my new iPad in hand; factory sealed and ready for a fresh sync. I powered it up last night and, per usual, was presented with the "Connect to iTunes" screen (it was at this moment on my first iPad 2 when I first spotted the backlight bleed). And...Perfect! Not a flashlight to be seen! There is the slightest bit of backlight "haze" around the edges of the LCD panel at full brightness, but - to be clear - this is normal for an edge lit display (hence the reason I prefer plasma over those darn trendy-thin edge-lit LED LCD televisions).

    My advice to those who are dealing with below-standard iPads: Be kind and patient with the folks at the Apple store, but insist on a product that earns your cash. If you're not satisfied with the product, exchange or return it. It's just a gadget. No need to get all bent out of shape if you just can't manage to get an iPad that meets or exceeds your expectations...There's always the iPad 3.


    P.S. I had planned on following my own advice and was prepared to return my iPad 2 for a full refund had the replacement exhibited the same backlight issue (which is why I objected to the "service replacement"). With that said, I'm delighted that I get to keep my fancy new toy (I mean...*ahem*...productivity tool)! :)
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    Get with the program. You're supposed to post how difficult it was to get helpful assistance and how the replacement was even worse than the first one.
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    Thanks for sharing it with us!
    I am so glad to hear that not all iPad 2's appear to be affected by this terrible issue. Enjoy your iPad!!! :)
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    My iPad 2 has the slightest bit of bleed at the bottom, only when on an all black screen in a dark room. My apple store has had a line everyday. I'm 14 and can only get there at 4:30 at the earliest. Should I bother? It's not really noticable on normal use.
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    Excellent news and very pleased you got a product that's as good as they should all be from a "Premium, World Leading Company" such as Apple.

    Perhaps we've hit on a new idea here. Apple ship everything they make to the Apple stores, and the Genius staff are used as quality control employees :D
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    My has some backlight bleed that's not really noticeable I'm not sure if I should bother swapping it out since there's a chance that the new iPad will be worse.

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