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Discussion in 'iPad' started by DominikH, Sep 24, 2015.

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    Sep 16, 2015
    Hi everyone,
    just a few days back even I bought the new iPad Mini 4 and I have to say I was really impressed. The lightness and thinness of this tablet is amazing and compared to my iPad Mini 2 it's a whole new level. Two gigs of RAM are also a big plus and this device can easily handle more than 6 pages at the same time without reloading. (I suppose it can handle even more, I just didn't test it with more than 6 pages at the same time). Moreover display of this device is great (vibrant colors, etc.) and I haven't found ANY YELLOW TINT AT ALL (white color is really white from any angle), which is GREAT...!!!

    It really seemed that everything is perfect, but then I found out my device suffers from backlight bleeding issue - 3 spots (two yellowish and the third one whitish on the lower part of the screen). It isn't so bad, but it's easily visible on black color in the night when the brightness is set to 100 %. Unfortunately I don't own a good camera, thus it's not much visible in the attached pictures.... :-/

    IMG_0005 - kopie.JPG IMG_0005.JPG

    I'm willing to take an exchange but only if I'm 100% sure it's not ,,normal" and other devices don't suffer from this issue. I'm also a bit worried of getting a new device, because it could have the infamous yellow tint issue (the lower third of screen is a bit yellower than rest of the display) which is really pretty annoyning and I have it on my iPad Mini 2 and iPad Air.

    So, here's my question - does your device suffer from backlight bleeding issue or yellow tint? And if so, how is it bad? Can you please take a picture and post it here?
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    Oct 24, 2014
    One of the drawbacks of backlit LCD. You can play the LCD lottery exchanging devices but often you end up with something worse but sometimes you get lucky with minimal light bleed but hope you don't get dead/stuck pixels, yellowing, screen uniformity issues, etc. All these issues will go away when Apple switches to SAMOLED.
  3. Skyhawk21 macrumors regular

    Sep 16, 2015
    Unfortunately this is how IPS and PLS panels work. There is also what's called glow which is an inherited thing with these panel types. Most new panels are edge lit and or white led lit so they come with a host of new things we can see while using them. Example on my mini 4 screen for the most part even whites on all white screen. But I got a dirty panel under lamination or in it because in landscape with home button on right side, I got the dirty shadow patch that's like a dirt stain that is lower brightness and a dirtier look compared to rest of screen. My Air 1 has a couple of these little spots at bottom of screen in landscape.

    The pics you shared of full brightness and what your seeing is some minimal light bleed with corner IPS glow. The glow will be found on all IPS and PLS panels in devices.

    If on an all white screen the backlight bleed or IPS glow is not affecting solid white, red, or blue then your good to go. I never use 100 percent brightness and at night I got it on the lowest and on a all black screen shows no defects, even backlighting with deep blacks, and a hint of red IPS glow in top left corner in landscape...

    What I'm not liking is this dirty patch I can see compared to rest of even white on screen..
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    Apr 16, 2011
    I always check my iPads as soon as they get fired up the first time and check at max brightness. I have not had any display defects for a few years now. That said, I never run my iPads above 40-60% brightness.

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