Backlight goes dark until "boot camp companion" starts(Windows 8.1)(Core2Duo MacBook)

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    I just recently got done setting up Windows 8.1 on this circa-2006 Core2Duo MacBook (what an undertaking!) and was wondering about an issue I've been having with the backlight sometimes not turning on until I've logged in and "boot camp companion" starts. Basically what happens is: post/gray screen (backlight on) > windows 8 booting (backlight still on) > login screen (backlight is off) > desktop (backlight turns on the second "boot camp companion" loads and all is fine for the remainder of the session).

    Interestingly, it doesn't seem to do this every time either. It seems like if I start it plugged in, the problem is sometimes bypassed. Also noteworthy is that logging off without shutting down does not trigger the problem, and if I manually do a full shutdown (as opposed to the windows 8 default "hybrid" shutdown) through the command prompt, the problem also does not manifest. I like the startup speed advantage of the hybrid shutdown; is there a way to get around this issue without disabling that feature?

    Any ideas?
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