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Mar 8, 2005
is a state of mind.
There situations where sometimes I would like to activate the backlit keyboard on my new PB. In general the F9&F10 keys won't allow lighting control unless the two light sensors sense a low light situation. Is there a way to force the F9/F10 keys to activate the keyboard lighting (aside from covering the speaker grill with duct tape :eek: ). I've poked around, but can't finde any solutions or anyone else asking the same question. As it stands if the sensors sense full light then the F9/F10 keys raise a window icon indicating that the light level can not be changed. Thoughts?

P.S. Keep your 'duke 'dukin'


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Mar 4, 2005
i am vary interested in the same thing. i was just going to post exactly what u did. and i did a search first and ended up here.

its frustrating when i wake up and its dark out and im on my pb in bed, chilln, not trying to turn any lights on. and the sun starts comeing up. the light sensors bug out a bit. the screen dims and keys light up then down and on and off... ill turn the backlight on and it will turn its self off. if im laying down and i got the book on my chest i can see the keys when they are lit but not when they arent.

what a silly restriction it is to not have control over such a feature
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