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Mar 21, 2016

Just bought a new Macbook M5, as i could not wait anymore for the MBP 2016..
I remember reading, that one of the new features the new keyboard introduced (which i love by the way), is the consistency of the backlit feature.

What i find strange though, and i don't know if its natural, or defective, is that some keys, like option,command, do not appear to backlit evenly.

I thought that the new keyboard featured a 100% even backlit function..

Does your Macbook backlit 100% perfectly within these bigger buttons?


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Aug 2, 2012
My capslock and escape keys are kind of unevenly lit.
-the escape key looks fine here, in real life the "e" is a little dimmer than the other letters.
But I think they're just supposed to be like this.


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I have a 2015 1.2 rMB, same here some keys are more evenly lit than others - A-Z & 1-0 are fine, some of the others are unevenly illuminated, not by very much, however visible to the eye. Keys that are most obvious are the larger ones at the extreme left & right of the keyboard. To be honest all the rMB`s I have seen are the same, some people pickup on it some don't notice anything.



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Jun 15, 2012
Houston, TX USA
I've had three Macbook keyboards -- two for my 2015 and now the m7 2016. All had the same lighting issues with Escape and Caps lock. The end letters of the command key aren't perfect either. I've always assumed that the LED doesn't reach the edges of wider keys.


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May 17, 2016
Unevenly lit keys for me too. But I still think the new backlighting looks better than the old MBP, MBA keyboards (much smaller light leaks around the keys).


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Jun 8, 2016
It normally, for the thickness the keyboard don't use backlit sheet as other MACBOOK,
instead it use one LED for every key with a transparent light spreader in center for even purpose.
However, the light spreader can't too big, it will affect keying and spread extra light from the gap, so some of key such as esc, cap lock will not even on the edge.

Some Asus High end use two or three led for every key without use any light spreader, the gap between housing and keycap with too much lighting that mac and it also not even for every key. I thing Macbook better the Asus.
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