Backpacking South America this November!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by backpack1234, Sep 4, 2013.

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    Sep 4, 2013
    Hi all!

    I am flying into Buenos Aires, Argentina with my boyfriend this November. We are both American citizens. I know enough Spanish to get around, I lived in Spain and traveled through Guatemala just based on my Spanish background. However, my boyfriend does not know any Spanish.

    We want to backpack the entire continent of South America. We have absolutely no time limit to get back to the US and we have set aside $10,000+ for the both of us.

    I have been looking online for days of different places to see and things to do. However, I believe it would be more helpful to hear advise from people who have actually been over to South America who can advise me of things that I must see and do while we are abroad.

    So far, we have decided that we are bringing our backpacks, rain sleeves for our backpacks, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, a light weight 4 season tent, 2 changes of fast drying clothes for each of us, 2 headlamps, a first aid kit, a pair of hiking shoes, a pair of river shoes, a GoPro camera, my iphone, and a cheap camera.

    Any advice on other necessary things to bring would be helpful! Also, different routes to take with buses or hikes and specific monuments or places of interest.

    Thank you!

    Becca and Forrest
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    Feb 19, 2005
    Hey Becca and Forrest, I would register on a site that is geared more towards traveling as well. I think you will find an incredible amount of information.

    I googled and found this site:

    My advice to you would be to ensure you have all the necessary chargers for anything electronic and perhaps a backup cheap phone that works in another country.
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    The Anthropocene
    A good knife and tools to start a fire are essential, but, well, as mentioned above there are surely specialized fora for these things...

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