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Jun 26, 2011
Hi all...I am trying to decide between the following two bags....I currently have a wheeled leather Tumi computer brief as well as Patagonia backpack square bag for carry on. I would like to be able to combine all into one bag as my travel has increased quite a bit recently. My only hesitation is that the Tumi Lemoore bag doesn't have laptop protection included. Would grabbing a sleeve (like this one - for my laptop (15" rMBP) provide just as much protection? The Kingsville bag seems a bit small for what I am trying to accomplish. I am also trying to keep a professional appearance as the bulk of my meetings are with C-level execs.

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Apr 12, 2013
Personally, I use both. But if it were and either/or situation, I'd go with the built in sleeve.

Generally, bags meant to carry laptops have the sleeve sitting a little bit above the bottom of the bag so that when you set your bag down the laptop shouldn't hit the ground/table/whatever you set it on. If you have a separate sleeve in the bag, it will be sitting at the bottom.

Though not all laptop bags are designed this way, so YMMV.


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Mar 11, 2010
Berlin formerly London
+1 to using both.
I have a crumpler sleeve and a crumpler shoulder bag plus Padding integrated.

Have been travelling with my MBP for 18 months and it does not have a single
scratch or dent on it.

I DO take care of my expensive gadgets though, no throwing it around for me!!

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