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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by ghulst, Jul 13, 2015.

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    Hey guys, I am a happy user of Time Machine for ages, but lately I am starting to get a bit annoyed. It seems as if my Mac is filling up TM disks faster than I can get them. I don't use a time capsule or similar, just a USB disk connected straight to the Mac. So before I run out tomorrow and get another disk, I was wondering whether I could pick your collective brains on alternatives.

    - I have a Macbook Pro running Yosemite
    - 1Tb of internal storage
    - 700Gb used
    - 400 Gb in interesting files on TM backup disks
    - 270 Gb worth of iPhoto library
    - 30Gb worth of email library and then it goes down to smaller numbers

    Is there a good (and fast) alternative that is more easily scalable to backup my stuff? I would prefer a local solution. And perhaps something that will allow me to work with stuff easily, wherever I am, without too much hassle? Trouble with the images is that I wouldn't want to be left without them and I should always be able to pull up a pic in full quality or store some.

    Any suggestions would be very, very welcome. Thanks!
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    I suggest you look into Carbon Copy Cloner. It will create a bootable clone of your Mac a lot faster than TimeMachine will, while giving you control over what to backup and when, amongst other features. I have found the tech support to be fast as well. In fact, I encountered a bug recently with El Capitan with CCC. I contacted CCC via email, and in less than a hour, Mike Bombich personally replied to my email with a 'right then and there updated CCC for me, to address the El Capitan problem ( which the OS wasn't correctly creating a Recovery HD Clone).

    I use TimeMachine and CCC as my main backup plan. I also supplement some of the backup with OneDrive, since I already have a Office 365 subscription.
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    I am considering doing a backup to a network drive based on files, not on the full disk. I can then complement with a single TimeMachine drive for that continuous backup and for quick restoring when the macbook disk would fail. (Have had that onece, and TM worked a great.)

    I currently have two old TM drives. I would like to recover all the files that TM has backed up and that are no longer on my drive. Is that possible?
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    CCC is a good alternative as others have suggested, other than that I would focus on manual backups. In other words, click and drag or copy/pasting files on to HDDs or flash drives.

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