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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by cpthk, Dec 31, 2012.

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    It's funny that even after 4 iphones, I am still very confused about how backup apps work. Apple's sync and backup have always been a magic to me. I am trying to backup my apps (the apps itself, not just the save data) on my iphone 4s and restore to iphone 5. What I did was:

    (My apps are only on my phone, not in iTunes, I always purchase on the phone directly, I never bothered using the iTunes to manage my apps, it has always been purely on my phone)
    1. connected the 4s(first time connect to my computer), right click the phone on itunes, click backup.
    2. connected the iphone 5, chose restore back

    All the contacts and photos are backuped EXCEPT THE APPS. Why is that?

    After searching around, it seems like it is because I didn't do the "transfer purchase" to iTunes? If I didn't transfer purchase, will the app's data be backuped? What's the correct steps?

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    Why don't you just backup and restore using iCloud? Anyways, you can go to iTunes on the computer and just download all of your apps, but if they're not transferred, that's why they weren't backed up when you did it through the computer.

    Go to your phone and check out your backup data (under manage backup) and see if the data from your apps is there.

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