Backup and Restore JUST the Contacts?

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by Tonezorz, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. Tonezorz macrumors member

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    I want to update my 3gs to 3.01, and re-jailbreak and install everything. I've installed / uninstalled tons of applications, both apple and jailbroken ones, and finally know the (few) that I actually use.

    I want to just clean everything up a bit and "reformat" if you will.

    I don't mind downloading and installing all the cydia apps I use again, but what I do however not want to have to do is re-imput my contacts.

    I know I can backup and restore in iTunes, but I don't want to do that either, as it saves basically.. everything.

    Photos, settings, cache files, I want all that gone. Not to mention the restored versions of stuff like the photos appear to be compressed or well, terrible looking.

    There any way to do that with just the contacts?
  2. -aggie- macrumors P6


    Jun 19, 2009
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    Contacts are not part of a backup. Contacts are synced. So, just restore as new and then sync.
  3. dhlizard macrumors G4


    Mar 16, 2009
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    After an upgrade/restore, you decide what to put back on the phone.

    After upgrade/restore, uncheck the Sync automatically box, then plug your phone in to iTunes. Go to summary page and tell iTunes what to put back and disable the rest.
  4. erasat macrumors member

    Aug 21, 2009
    Just open an SSH connection to your iPhone (Download OpenSSh from Cydia, and then download WinScP to your desktop) then go to /private/var/mobile/Library and copy the AddressBook folder to your PC, then when finish restoring and everything, just copy that folder back to same directory and replace it in your iPhone.
  5. foob macrumors 6502


    Feb 17, 2009
    That's what I do because I don't use iTunes. You can also get an app to sync your contacts with a gmail account, but test it first before wiping out all the contacts. Last one I tried didn't work.
  6. iMrNiceGuy0023 macrumors 68000

    Jun 5, 2009
    theres a free app in the app store called ContactSync, uploads your contacts online, then dload them back to phone, takes 2 minutes

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