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    I use osx 10.6 SL and am asking a question I have aready raised but never really found a good response to.

    My mac mini server is setup to backup on a TC. It is also setup so that the system accounts on the mini do not have access to the file shares. Files on the file shares are accessible via LAN accounts.

    Now when I backup with TC everything goes smoothly.

    However, if I need to recover a file there is a catch.

    - LAN accounts cannot access the timemachine recovery feature (normal they are file share accounts and not system accounts)

    - the system accounts can start the timemachine recovery but are locked out of accessing the files in the fileshares because they are not entitled to do this.

    Worst, technically the LAN accounts created using "server preferences" cannot access the system. And the system accounts created using "preferences" cannot access the LAN shares.

    Any idea how to make timemachine useful on a server ?

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