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    I want to backup my music and pictures before upgrading to ios 7. I have a 4s, 6.0.1 with about 25 gigs of music and about 2 gigs of pictures in it. Will iTunes do this job by saving everything in my PC?

    My next concern is in the restore process. The way I understand is that the backup includes the settings of the phone(which will be ios 6). Is this not going to make conflict with the new settings of ios7?

    Need some help...
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    Apr 30, 2012

    just as an fyi, its usually recommended to set up a new device as new instead of restoring from backup just in case any bugs carry over from previous backups. however, most people restore from backups without an issue.
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    Yes, that will backup all your music and photos in iTunes. Just make sure you are clicking the "backup" button in iTunes and not just syncing. Also, click the checkbox in iTunes to encrypt the backup. That will make it save a lll app passwords in the phone and restore them to the new device. This will save you all those hours reentering passwords in every phone app.

    You can restore a iOS6 backup to an iOS7 device with no problem.
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    I just want to make sure that I am doing this right. Please bear with me...

    1. Will the backup will include all the music and pictures?

    2. Will upgrading to ios 7 delete all my pictures and music in my phone?

    3. Restoring using the backup, Will this put my music and pictures back to the phone?

    Please let me know if the answer to all the questions are yes or which one has a no answer.

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