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    Remember we used to be able to backup apps on the phone to iTunes? You could also update them on iTunes and sync them to iOS devices. I was trying to do this. For science. :p. But I wasn't able to. iTunes 12.3, iOS 9.0.

    The apps library is empty. I have turned on automatic downloads/updates for apps. I tried clicking on "transfer purchases" but nothing happened. Not sure what is going on.

    All the tabs: "My Apps", "My iPhone Apps", "My iPad Apps" and "Updates" show the same (attached) screen.

    How do I populate this screen with the apps that are presently installed on my iOS devices? Any ideas?

    Edit: I checked and it turns out that downloading apps from there populates the screen.

    I guess my question is if the app has been pulled from the App Store and you want to transfer it to your other device, then how would you go about it?

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    I don't have that issue - as a matter of fact I just installed a pulled from app store app to my phone over the weekend. After plugging my phone in -and selecting it on itunes from the apps screen I found the app and clicked install and then sync.
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    Found the reason. Apparently Apple has disabled "Transfer Purchases" on iOS 9.

    Source: Reddit

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