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    Jun 10, 2010
    Have tried using Disk Utility to make a DVD-DL of a Mac OSX install disc. No luck creating a bootable disc.

    The CDR discs do not boot.
    The DVD brought up a black screen.

    Have read that I might need to try several times?
    Am using Verbatim DVD+R DL media
    Trying Leopard and Snow Leopard retail discs.

    I was able to create a bootable partition on an external, perhaps I need to try to burn that to a DVD.

    Method that produced a disc that did not boot.

    1. Open Disk Utility
    2. Highlight "Mac OS X Install DVD" on the left
    3. Click "Create New Image"
    4. I name the file "Mac OS X Install DVD" and I select the options of Image Format "DVD/CD Master" and Encryption "None"
    5. I click save
    6. When the image is finished I eject the install DVD.
    7. I then insert a blank Dual Layer DVD
    8. I go back to Disk Utility
    9. I highlight the Mac OS X Install DVD image
    10. I click Burn.

    Method that produced a disc that brought up a black screen.

    Making a DVD Image:
    Step 1. Insert the retail Mac OS X Install DVD into your drive.

    Step 2. Launch Disk Utility (Applications > Utilities).

    Step 3. In Disk Utility, you will notice a white pane on the left hand side. In the pane, select the Mac OS X Install DVD by clicking on it once.

    Step 4. Click New Image on the Disk Utility toolbar.

    Step 5. A dialog box will appear. Give the new image a name. I used 'Mac OS X Install DVD'. Select the destination where you wish to save it. Leave Image Format at Compressed (default) and Encryption at None (default).

    Step 6. Click Save to begin creating the image.

    Step 7. Once your image has been created DO NOT mount it. Leave the image alone and proceed to the next section.

    Burning the Image:
    Step 1. Launch Disk Utility (Applications > Utilities).

    Step 2. Click Burn on the Disk Utility toolbar (upper left).

    Step 3. Navigate to where you saved the DVD image created in the previous section. Click on the image file, then click the Burn button. Do not drag and drop the image file into Disk Utility during this step.

    Step4. Insert a DVD when prompted and proceed to Burn it.
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    Jul 30, 2003
    How to successfully back up a copy of an installer DVD:
    First, try to move past your desire to make a usable DVD installer - Purchase an 8GB USB flash drive instead.
    Insert retail installer DVD.
    Use Disk Utility to restore the DVD to the flash drive.
    You end up with a bootable copy of your installer, on a dedicated flash drive.
    Advantages over the optical media:
    Surface scratches don't matter :D
    Boots more quickly.
    Installs more reliably, and faster.
    Put a nice lanyard, or other strap on the flash drive so you don't lose track of it in a drawer or box. You don't even need to safeguard it, as physical damage is not likely (particularly when compared to your original optical disks!)

    I have often struggled when making a bootable DVD copy of a Leopard installer. Probably 1 in 3 DVDs won't work for one reason or another (in my experience, anyway)
    The flash drive ALWAYS works. DVDs - not always.
    I have made dozens of installer copies on flash drives, and I have not burned ANY DVD installers in 4 or 5 years.
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    Jun 10, 2010
    Thanks all for your replies.

    I had created a bootable partition on an external FW drive using restore (see OP).

    I tried the USB flash drive method but it would not boot.

    Since external FW drives can fail I would like to create a DVD.

    Can I create a DL DVD from the FW partition w/ Toast 8 perhaps?
    When I load the partition and insert a DL DVD Toast says that the process will span 2 DVD's, perhaps I just ignore that?

    Thanks again!
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    Mar 17, 2007
    If you are going to persist with the DVD then Toast has a copy disc option use that to copy existing disk.

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