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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by ordo1980, Oct 24, 2009.

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    I posted this in another section on this forum, but no one seems to want to answer it on here, so I figured maybe this would be a more appropriate section to post it...

    Hey guys, I have finally received my snow leopard up-to-date disc. I was thinking about getting a backup HDD and I was hoping for some advice from you guys. This is the drive I'm thinking about ... THIS or THIS ... of my hard drive space, I still have 92GB remaining. I used my computer primarily only for school work. I have an older HP laptop that I used for watching movies I can't watch on my tv. It was a bigger screen anyways. So what one do you think is the better bang for the buck? I like those ones cuz they have the firewire connectivity, and I currently usually use both my usb ports and have no firewire devices. I probably wouldn't keep it connected to my computer constantly, but at least once a week if not every couple of days. I want a backup hdd that will last me for the next 3 years. I know a lot will point to external enclosures but I just don't have the time to fiddle with stuff like that, I just wanna get a drive, unbox, and plug it in. I'm mainly wondering if 500gb would be big enough, or if I should go with the 750gb to be safe? I'm guessing I'd use time machine, but to what extent I don't know. I'd say most of the space on my current hard drive is loseable to be honest. I only care about backing up my music, one game, and my school docs. All that together is maybe 15 or 20 gigs tops. But then hey, if I can back up everything then why not, right? So does anyone have any thoughts?

    Also real quick, should I do the upgrade to snow leopard? I intend to do a clean install. That's in part why I want to get one of those (hopefully!) backup drives ASAP so I can back up my stuff and do clean install and then restore, although I don't know if time machine can do that or not. First mac here, and I've never used time machine. But is snow leopard stable and reliable enough? I don't want OS problems, I'm in law school and I don't want to have to worry about having to do another clean install or downgrade to leopard cuz snow leopard has "issues." Do you think I'd be ok to just do the upgrade after I get my backup HDD?

    Finally, just an aside while typing this, is there any way to disable the mouse trackpad when I have a mouse plugged in? When typing, sometimes the palm of my hands touches it and it totally messes up my workflow. My old HP just had a physical button I could press to disable it, but none here. Anything in a setting I can do? Thanks.
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    You don't need to post this in multiple places to get attention. My guess is that you have not gotten any replies because your post is incredibly difficult to read.

    Normally I'd point you to paragraphs but in your case I'd point you to skimming down on the ramble and just get to the point.

    Your question is which hard drive. An age old question. This or that? In your case you link to two drives by Western Digital with different sizes. I am of the school of thought that you can never have too much space. I'd get the 750GB drive.

    Your next question is or rather your request is to have a drive that lasts you 3 years. Good luck. I would take a look at the warranty for WD but frankly drives fail all of the time. My experience, however, is that WD tends to hold up. There are and will be arguments for and against, but in my own experience my best drives seem to be my WD drives.

    Your next question is about time machine. You say what is on your HDD is "loseable", but let's face it. Is it really? If you're a student my guess would be no. With a larger hard drive you can partition it for both time machine space and storage space.

    Next you ask about Snow Leopard and confuse yourself with upgrade and fresh install. In terms of SL an upgrade is where you put the DVD in and let the system upgrade. It does not disturb your drive contents. I tried this and it worked but I eventually went for a fresh install and then migrated my stuff over using migration assistant and a recent time machine backup.

    Before upgrading or installing any OS back up the contents of your hard drive.

    Finally you want to know about disabling the trackpad. I'm not on my laptop right now but if you go into trackpad settings I am sure you can at least curb some of the features so that it doesn't allow you to "tap to click". In that case you physically have to hit the button whether it's the glass trackpad button or the physical button on older machines.

    In the end, while my post is long it is in response to your post. It is best to just list your questions and perhaps shore up some of the longer sentences. Not to mention (again), your post is only asking what you could have found out if you searched the forums yourself.

    In summary (in the event you skim as well) here are the points of my response:
    • Buy the largest hard drive you can afford
    • I personally prefer Western Digital
    • Drives should last 3 years but they can fail, you can't control it really.
    • I would do a clean install of Snow Leopard after backing up my hard drive
    • Go to trackpad settings and see if you can't disable a few settings such as "tap to click".
    • Don't double post

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