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    Hello Everyone,

    On Saturday I accidentally deleted a whole stream of text messages from a conversation and I'd like to recover them. (Apple should offer a password requirement option for deleting text messages...and viewing them too..hmm anyway). I looked on my iTunes backup deal in Preferences and it looks like the last backup was done on February 5th. I haven't plugged my iPhone into my computer at all since Saturday either.

    So basically my question is, if I backup my iPhone from February 5th, I'll lose all my text messages from now until then right? Also, secondly is there anyway I can recover my old txts while keeping my current ones? Kind of complicated but any help would be appreciated. Thanks! :cool:
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    Jun 20, 2007
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    Why? Your phone has a lock code. When you attempt to delete the conversation, it prompts you to clear the conversation.

    Your back is dated Feb 5th so yeah, you would only have information until Feb 5th. No way to recover your old texts, unless you pay someone to do a forensic recovery. Even with that, they wouldn't be added to your existing SMS messages. :)
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    Aug 7, 2007
    Ok thanks! I guess I'll just have to decide whether I want my recent texts or my older ones, Lol. ;)

    Regarding the text message viewing password, I just thought that would be cool since I often will let people check out my iPhone but I'd rather them not be able to check out my texts.

    I had the iPhone in my hand while picking something up and that's how they got deleted...dumb! :rolleyes:

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