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    I've used a few different backup methods for iPhone texts but in the end I haven't been completely happy with the result. I don't like having to use Excel or SQL databases just to view texts or read old conversations. Sometimes the end result is extremely cluttered and fragmented.

    If you're the same then you might find this method a bit more helpfu to backup your iPhone SMS texts and conversations:

    1. This only works on jb idevices.

    2. Open Cydia and install WifiSMS (Available free in the BigBoss repo).

    3. It should also automatically install any other dependencies, and I believe SBSettings is one of them. If it's not, install SBSettings as well.

    4. Respring your iDevice.

    5. Check in SBSettings if the toggle for WifiSMS is ON. If the toggle isn't there, go to "more," in SBSettings and into set toggles and make sure the WifiSMS toggle is ON, then respring and switch on the Toggle.

    6. Open SBSettings again and note the IP Address of your device which is in the lower part of the SBSettings window.

    7. Enter that IP into your web browser on your computer followed by ":8080," so if your IP is you would enter

    8. Your text conversations should show up in your browser and if you pick a contact on the left side to view the full conversation, it should show up to the right.

    9. Next hover over the Contact name and phone number with your mouse at the top-center of the page to reveal a small disk icon.

    10. Click on the disk icon and the entire conversation for that contact will show up in plain text in a new window, with the exception of any picture messages. Another shortcoming (although very small) is that you have to do steps 9 and 10 for each contact with whom you have a text conversation that you'd like save.

    11. Copy and paste all into a word or txt file and save, and you're all done.

    Hope someone else finds this as useful as I did!

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    Cool find.

    Pretty cool:cool:

    Time consuming to save all your texts, but not bad if you just want to pick and choose a few...like pics:eek:

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