Backup on internal SSD?


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Jul 2, 2012
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Hi everyone.

When I go in About this mac on my RMBP, and then go in to Storage, it says that I have 90 GBs of backup on my internal SSD. Isn't that kind of silly and waste of storage when I already have an external HDD for my TimeMachine backups?
Is there a way to delete them?

Another thing. How can I have 90 GBs of backup and still have almost 200 GBs left? Originally it has 256 GBs.
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Jan 23, 2005
Thank you! ;-)

But can you explain to me, why I had almost 200 GBs left while I had 90 GBs of backup when my SSD is a 256 GB drive?
What is happening is if you are away from a backup destination, Time Machine will backup to /Mobilebackups (it is hidden). It can be useful if you are traveling away from your backup disk and you accidentally delete a document, you could just access Time Machine and restore it from the local backup. It is a good feature and I would not disable it. Don't worry about how much space it uses... OS X manages this space and will free is up if the system needs it.

If you want to zero out this backup space yourself, just turn Time Machine off then back on and you will see it is back at zero.