Backup software that includes backing up Parallels/Windows partition?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by HouseofMac, Apr 16, 2015.

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    Hi all,

    I'm wondering if anyone knows a good backup software that will include backing up my Windows partition I run through Parallels?

    As I can tell, every time I backup with the built-in Time Machine, it does not back up this section.

    I'd love to have a software that actually backs up my computer EXACTLY AS IT IS. Presently I have to manually drag my important files from Windows to Apple partition and if I lost my computer would need to completely setup the Parallels environment from scratch again.
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    I hear you saying that you've got a Windows partition on your hard drive (created with Bootcamp?) and you want to back that up. Time Machine only backs up your Mac partition. Any software that can duplicate or clone disk partitions can make a backup copy of your Windows partition. On the Mac side, here are some popular choices:

    Disk Utility (included with OS X)
    Carbon Copy Cloner (commercial)
    SuperDuper (commercial but cloning is free)

    Of those, I know SuperDuper can be scheduled to run regularly. I'm not sure about CCC or Disk Utility.
  3. charlyham, Apr 16, 2015
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    Winclone is a good product to use for backing up your BootCamp partition. Carbon Copy Cloner is good for the OSx partition. I don't know of one product that will get both partitions in one job though. Neither product is free but I think they are worth the price.
    Shortcut to Winclone:

    Shortcut to Carbon Copy Cloner:

    I have to apologize for not reading your post thoroughly. Parallels uses a VM of the Windows OS and I believe it should be getting backed up along with the rest of your OSx partition.
  4. steve23094, Apr 16, 2015
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    If it's not based on a Bootcamp partition then this is a setting from within Parallels, you can choose to have it backed up by Time Machine. The problem with this is that even the smallest change in your VM will cause the whole thing to be backed up because TM considers it a single file (eg if your VM is 64GB in size that's a 64GB backup pretty much every time you use it).

    Or... If it's based on a Bootcamp partition then Paragon has some partition backup software that is currently free. I use it and it's pretty good for free stuff, it includes incremental backups.

    EDIT: My info about a Parallels VM backup was based on an old version, but my comment regarding Paragon backup still stands. More info is available here :-
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    Windows partition - then your best option is WinClone. Windows VM, i.e., a virtual machine, and not Parallels using bootcamp. Then any backup app such as Carbon Copy Cloner.

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