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Discussion in 'macOS' started by R.Youden, Jan 5, 2007.

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    Hi, I have tried searching for what I want to know but I can't find anything. If there is another thread that covers this topic then please redirect me.


    I have 3 macs. My MacBook Pro, an old PowerMac and a Mac mini. I want to have the same music file structure on every machine. And then when I update the music on my MacBook Pro (my main machine) every week or so I can run a backup which updates the folders.

    Now I have looked at this using Backup with my .mac account and that only creates a file that my other two machines can't use. Also some of the other solutions, i.e. iBackup only appear to be able to complete a whole backup rather than an updated backup.

    Any help would be great thanks.
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    Yea, I hope Apple addresses this Backup issue next week at Macworld Expo. The .Mac service is no answer to the problem as no user would have a very pleasant experience when trying to deal with gigs and gigs of music, movies, etc over most current broadband speeds, not to mention .Mac only gives you a few megabytes of storage. The answer will be some type of home network storage server/SAN from Apple. It will have to be from Apple to really provide compatibility with long filenames, metadata, etc. I hope we see something like this from Apple next week. They are losing sales from me because I don't have any more room on my poor little iBook for any TV Shows, Movies, etc.
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    Just found out that iBackup works. Woo-Hoo. There is an option in the preferences to only backup new files, excellent. Yet another reason to dump .mac...

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