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    Dec 24, 2010
    It's that time for a re-think on backup solution. This is a topic that will spark no end of opinions, they are all viable (well maybe not all), since I am revamping my backup solution for my Business (in my home including home files) it might help others who are looking for a new storage/backup solution similar to mine. Price isn't a massive factor, I'd rather invest in something that is future proof than buy something cheap and unreliable.

    Storage wise, Looking at spreading the data across 6-7TB of storage. This can either be a combination of HDD's/RAID1/NAS etc. etc.

    Just to add to this, I'm not a huge fan of cloud backup on this scale. Of course include this as a solution but on this scale I think price would be an issue after all.

    So here's my requirements.

    1. TM backup - Don't want to go to this too often but it is always a good idea if you need to grab a file you deleted the next day and things alike.

    2. Carbon Copy backup - Bootable drive incase my internal drive dies on me. This would ideally be the one I would return to if my internal drive crashed. RAID1 or separate HD so I can rotate drives and keep one offsite? Thoughts on this would be good.

    3. Keep RAW data separate so that it stays in it's original state. i.e. photo's, video footage, DVD's.

    4. iTunes Backup - This would be on a separate volume, using TM that I could then daily sync to my Carbon Copy drive daily.

    Suggest Away :D:cool::apple:
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    Mar 20, 2007
    Are you wanting to be able to connect to this storage wirelessly?
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    Dec 24, 2010
    Probably would've been best to note that in my post. It would be based on a wireless setup. Thanks for pointing That out. Airport Extreme with USB hub, something like that.
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    Mar 20, 2007
    Synology or QNAP would be my recommendation manufacturer wise. Anything with 4 or more bays, coupled with 3tb drives should get you your required storage.

    Hmm I just saw your CC request, I am not positive Apple supports iSCSI in any meaningful way. The units I would use are NAS units so you can't get to the storage via USB.

    You may be able to use a Drobo, but I hear they are pretty slow.
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    Dec 24, 2010
    Interesting pointers although a bootable drive is pretty essential, the amount of downtime for a TM backup isn't an option. Does the drives you've suggested come with any software to allow you to boot from them? If not I would have to look at a different solution to a NAS. The other downside to the NAS is not being able to take drives off site easily.
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    Mar 3, 2008
    Carbon copy cloner claims to make a bootable image, even to a dmg file. Of course to boot it you'd first have to extract it to a blank hard drive but the point is the destination of ccc can be a network drive or a dmg on a network drive.

    I prefer to send my ccc image to a firewire drive and let Time Machine send my full backup to a Time Capsule with an external usb drive (2TB WD). I also send my home folder to crash plan and copy certain things to yet another NAS drive. I've been using ccc mainly because I want to upgrade the HDD in my macbook and it should be fast and easy with ccc.

    In addition to others mentioned here, I'm happy with LaCie NAS drives. I have one of their Network Space 2 models which was $149 at Microcenter but is far better than drives from iomega, western digital (mybook etc) and seagate. Avoid seagate like the plague. They will try to sell you a subscription to use certain features.
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    Nov 27, 2007
    Crashplan might be a good cloud option to consider; you can ship them a drive full of your files, so the initial (in your case very very large) upload does not have to happen over the internet.

    Data is unlimited, and only incrementally changed files get xfered during backups.
  8. mwhq, May 15, 2011
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    Never realised that was the deal with Crashplan. Although this is a great idea I still think the companies are making mega money without having a fully working data protection system.

    I've had a mega re-think over the past couple of days and have taken the NAS idea out of the equation. I don't care about sharing data in the home, I'm too greedy for that :D

    Here's my final solution.

    1. G-Tech G-speed Q 4TB with 2 partitions for iTunes & Photo Library
    2. MBP Connected to 3TB G-Safe running daily incremental backups of MBP & G-Speed Q
    3. 2TB G-Drive creating nightly backups of the G-Safe and rotated weeekly with a secondary 2TB G-Drive.
    4. 500GB G-Drive Mini - RAW Data drive.
    5. 1TB TC - Hooked up to the router creating intra day backups of system files.
    6. Using my 20GB Free iDisk space to backup mine and my girlfriends home folders that contain word processing documents etc. with a folder on my MBP mapped to her laptop. She can drop whatever files she needs to in there and iDisk runs a daily backup of those.

    At worst with this solution I have everything nicely stored and the offsite backup system will give me peace of mind and at worst loose 1 weeks worth of data.

    Any alterations welcome but that's the best solution for my needs I have come up with after 4 solid days researching. ;):cool::):D
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