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    Mar 31, 2012
    After a long long time thinking about the "best" way to organise my file storage needs (see thread here: and neglecting my backups as I was running out of space....the unthinkable happened:
    My car got broken into, and a HDD with personal and professional data spanning 10-15 years stolen - with NO backup. (not talking about the rest that was stolen, grrrrr) 

    Luckily, I was able to retrieve the data as I had the content on my company's network a couple of years ago, and they were able to recover it. What a lucky son of a .... I have been, this will certainly be a lesson learned.... 

    Now I am more than ever motivated to sort out my storage needs ASAP: 

    What I got at the moment is roughly: 

    • 2TB of photos and video files 
    • 2TB of movies 
    • 250GB of music 
    • 0.5GB of personal files 

    I do expect a growth of approx 250-300GB per year (photographs over the past few years are 150GB per year, and I would like to get more into video) 

    I was intending to get a 4bay NAS to store it all, I was painfully reminded that a NAS is also not a backup solution and I need more redundancy. 

    I do need some help and sense-check to figure out a smart way to keep all my data save while having the least amount of excess (i.e. keep costs in check) and keeping thing manageable.  

    My idea was: 

    • Get a 4bay NAS and start with e.g. 2x4TB (Raid 0). Move all the movies and music there. 
    • Keep personal files on the iMac 
    • Keep all the photos on the external HD (a must anyway, otherwise it'll be too slow) 
    • B/U personal files and photos with time machine to the NAS (Can I actually B/U files from 2 different HDDs into 1 time machine?) 
    • B/U personal files and photos with time machine to a 4TB external HD in regular intervals. Fill remaining space with music/movies. Keep in safe off-site location (e.g. office) 

    The NAS can grow over time, e.g. by adding another drive to get Raid 5 and redundancy. I understand that the above strategy will keep some of the movies without B/U (which is a minor issue, I can re-rip them). Photos and personal files which are my biggest concern have all 2 B/U in different locations.  
    Some of the personal files I will also move to "the cloud". 

    Does the above strategy make sense? Anyone have any better suggestions?  

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    Jan 6, 2005
    Cloud backup. Our computers backup locally to a 4tb disk via time machine, but the 'real backup' we have, IMO, is Crashplan where we have several TB as well and I never, ever have to think about it. We've been backing up to them for years and I have never had an issue. Restores are easy, and can be done from any computer anywhere, yet security is high so long as you utilize their highest levels of encryption. I would never go back to locally managed backups.

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