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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Dagless, Jan 9, 2012.

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    For years I've not been great at keeping backups, but now my work demands it! For years I've only ever used an external drive always smaller than my internal drive just for important files.

    I need something to automatically backup the Windows and OSX partitions of my iMac, plus (if possible) create mirrored clones of each partition. The more automated this is the better!

    My iMacs internal drive is just 1tb so I'm looking at a minimum of 2tb for this new backup solution.

    Price isn't too much of an issue, capacity is more important than speed too. Such a thing exist?
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    If you want bootable backups, Carbon Copy Cloner is the way to go. For the best redundancy, I'd have more than one drive, one backed up to with Time Machine, the other with Carbon Copy Cloner. You can partition each and use a Windows-based backup utility to back up the Windows partition while you're booted from it. I'm not familiar with any Mac utilities that can effectively back up the Windows partition as well, although others may be able to weigh in there.

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    That's what I do, my CCC backup on a portable drive that I take off site, and my TimeMachine backup is on a NAS with mirrored drives. That gives me a level of redundancy.
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    You might want to consider 2 drives. One usb or firewire for ccc and a NAS drive so you have "another copy" of everything. For NAS I recommend Synology for mid to high end and LaCie for lower cost.

    I agree with you about the redundancy which is why I replied as I did above.

    Back when I ran Windows at home, I used syncback (freeware) to nightly copy all my files to a NAS drive. When I brought home my Macbook, I switched off my Windows box, connected my Macbook to the network, copied my files over from the NAS and I was up and running in minutes. Syncback does not make a clone but rather just copies all the files you tell it to copy so the OP would still need another solution for "cloning" his windows stuff but that solution would probably need to be a windows program.

    For your CCC backups

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