Backup without syncing???

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  1. E-E macrumors newbie

    Jun 22, 2010
    My home PC hard-drive crashed and my iTunes backup was on the hard-drive - everything was lost – so no backup. I want to make a backup of my iPhone before doing any kind of upgrade or syncing - since there is nothing to sync with. I am mainly concerned about losing my contacts. I created them on the phone and want to back them up for the first time to a brand new Gmail account (no contacts in Gmail - empty). Everything I have read says iTunes will make a backup when it syncs, but I don't want to sync – I have nothing to sync with. I want to be sure I have a good backup. How can I ensure that I won’t loose my contacts? Is there backup software that would help, should I get a MobileMe account? Is there a way to backup contacts WITHOUT syncing??? I'm a newbie and would appreciate any info!
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    Jul 22, 2009
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    Try contacting Apple

    Dear E-E,

    Sorry to hear that you have lost all your data - hope there wasn't anything too important on there and that you are able to recover at least some of it. I tried looking up your problem and I cannot find a clear solution to it that ensures you will not lose your contacts.

    I'm thinking it may be worth getting in touch with Apple and finding out if there is a simple solution. Alternatively, there may be someone more knowledgeable lurking on the forum, hopefully they make an appearance...

    Not been much help, I know. Hope it all works out.


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