Backups for small office?

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    Anyone got any recommendations for a simple small office backup?

    The firms is waiting for a high speed internet connection so they could use Backblaze for a quick simple offsite backup but that has now been 6 months, and more employees have joined the firm, everyone mostly works from Macbook Airs, with a few using external drives on a adhoc basis, occasionally backing up , so not ideal! They don't store huge amounts of data mostly emails & sales but there is 1 or two Macbooks with lots of pictures etc.
    I was thinking a qnap Nas drive with shared folders for storage then cloud backup but maybe a Mac Mini with OSX server and Time machine to an external drive. But I've never set one up before. Main thing is it has to be rock solid reliable, that they can plug in and forget about.

    Appreciate any suggestions
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    I would recommend either a Synology NAS with adequate space or a Mac Mini server with some attached storage. OS X server offers more capabilities but it comes at a cost in both hardware and admin. Just using it for Time Machine backups is easy to do.

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