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    We get why Apple limits their software and hardware to get users to be on the latest version, for example, iTunes 12.5.5 will sync with version iOS 10.2.1 and even previous version, u need to update from older versions though (if your still on 10.0, 9.3.5 or prior it won't sync with latest iTunes.)

    Same goes with software and what rums on the latest MacOS Sierra.. code changes allot of app packages I've used with WINE, I have converted Windows games, now all report as errors when trying to run them. in MacOS. so, probably an update on WINE ?

    However, shift the focus over to "compatibility" and what Mac systems will run MacOS, and suddenly that is the only caveat . Apple allows u to run MacOS far back as 2007.

    So if Apple cares about limited compatibility on pretty much everything else, why do they favor it with their OS's? Both iOS and MacOS? Is there any reasons for this ?

    I'm sure if Apple wanted to, they could limit the systems on running latest OS and iOS versions to two year old Mac's. Not that's a bad thing, coming from Apple.
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    Because Apple is focused on the future and why continue to accommodate older products when they want you to buy new products
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    They control iTunes the way they do because it's specifically made to integrate with iPods, the Apple TV, and iOS devices. They have to be on the same page when it comes to syncing, backups, and security.
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    But they do accommodate older products,, Apple allows any old Mac to run the latest OS.. from 2007 onwards.

    What i am asking is while software sees the limited backward compatibility Apple adopts of only two or three versions back to work... why MacOS/iOS on devices are not in the same boat ? Operating systems are more extended to older hardware than apps are.

    I would understand if it was a company that cares about backward compatibility, but Apple OS's stand out as the only move to say "U can run it on older hardware"
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    Officially Sierra supports some models from 2009 and all 2010 models so I wouldn't say any old Mac can run it.

    I suspect the reason is that Apple tries not to annoy too many customers, supporting only newest 2-3 models would mean disgruntled customers... I don't doubt for a moment that Apple wouldn't do so if they thought they could get away with it.

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