Bad battery life and need to do a hard reset randomly.

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by ouimetnick, Sep 14, 2009.

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    So I have an iPod touch 2G, and about a month ago, I was running iPhone OS 3.0, and the battery stayed at 20% for 2 days. I was surfing Macrumors on it and it went blank. Like when you shut a computer off by cutting the power, the image stays on the screen and then fades away, that happened on my touch. So I get about a day in standby now, and will most likely need a new battery right?

    But I also have another BIG issue. When this all happened, sometimes after leaving my iPod touch alone for 5 min and it's in sleep, the sleep/wake button and home button won't wake it up. I then have to do a hard reset on it to get it working only for it to do it again. So when iPhone OS 3.3.1 came out, I did a DFU restore and update to 3.1.1, and set it up as a new iPod. I have no Apps installed and the issue keeps happening, but more and more often. I had to reset it 7 times today. Last evening I, plugged it in at 6:30 PP and it was finished charging at 8:45PM, so I unplugged it and then woke up at 1:00 AM and had to do a hard reset on it to wake it up, it was cold and not hot, but I had 20% battery remaining. I plugged it back in and was fine today (beside reseting it) Also a issue in the 3.1. FW or my iPod, is that when I type on the keyboard, sometimes it get stuck at a letter and freezes. Other time it locks up when launching/quitting an App or even browsing my 2 home-screens.
    I deleted the .ipsw and re-downloaded it and did another DFU mode restore+ setting it up as a new iPod and no luck.
    So What is wrong with my iPod beside the bad battery?
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    Did you buy it either new or from Apple? If you did (and should be under warranty), I suggest taking it in - as long as you haven't physically damaged it or dropped it in water (shine a light down the headphone port and see if it's fully white (good) or partly red (bad) at the end). These sound like serious enough problems to warrant a repair or replacement - and not just something that has a magic solution we can hand to you.

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