Bad camera + iTunes won't recognize/charge phone

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    I just got a used iPhone 5s after my daughter put my SE in the washing machine. Ok, I put it in myself, but I'm pretty sure she's the one who put it in the dirty laundry basket... How mean of a father am I to blame my defenceless 3 y.o.for something's that's probably entirely my fault...

    Anyway, so after I got the phone, I noticed the ear speaker and the rear camera had problems. The first was distorted and the latter showed little dots in every picture even after cleaning it. The seller disappeared so I went ahead and changed both with new original oem parts. Speaker works well, but not the camera. It just shows a black screen when I switch on the camera app, and it sometime freezes when trying to switch between front and rear cameras.

    I'm guessing it's a bad camera (hardware), but trying to see if reinitializing the phone (wipe clean and reinstalling iOS 10.2.1) would work, I noticed that my computer doesn't charge the phone and iTunes doesn't see it. It used to work fine before changing the camera and nothing else has changed since. Also doesn't work on my wife's macbook or with different usb cables.

    So what's going on here?!?
    Any ideas why the camera wouldn't be working (other than hardware)?
    Any ideas how that could be linked to the phone not being recognized by iTunes?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated as I'm feeling kind of stuck...
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    It sounds like you're ready for another phone if iTunes won't "see" your 5s, it won't charge, and the camera doesn't work. Buying a used iPhone is a risky business. Too many bad hombres out there trying to sell defective or stolen stuff. Best place to buy a used iPhone is from Apple. Their refurbished site now carries iPhones. Don't know which country you're in but you might want to go that route the next time. You pay for what you get....

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