Bad echo while video conferencing

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by visualsup, Jun 22, 2014.

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    Dec 4, 2011
    For many months our remote party experiences a very bad echo on our Logitech Broadcaster wifi web cam on our Core 2 duo 4GB RAM Mac OSX 10.8 with google hangouts video conferences. The remote party also uses a Mac with similar specs except they are using the built in camera (anyway its irrelevant because I read if side A experiences an echo, its side B to blame).

    We have tried all solutions that I found online- connecting an external microphone and getting it at least 6 ft. away from the speakers; fiddling with the Logitech software microphone settings; lowering the volume and updating all the software apps concerned to latest versions. When we use a way cheaper generic solution to conference on our end - an old iPad or a Logitech 720p Webcam C905- both of which have their microphone much closer to the speakers than the Broadcaster -work like a charm (the other end doesn't hear an echo anymore- everything on the other end being equal). Its frustrating that a specific solution designed for conferencing such as the Logitech broadcaster webcam that's more expensive can't equal that. Doesn't it have noice cancelling? Many thanks for any help. Particularly any settings that can influence this...

    PS We are aware of the possible solution of connecting the broadcaster to a headset, but then it stops being a conference camera- we need it for multi person conferences...
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    I have one tip for you - get a real conference cam and don't use web cams for videoconferencing, especially for business use. I own a small business and there's no way I would use a webcam for videoconferencing that involves more than one person on my end. Seriously, considering laying out for something like the Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam or an equivilent - $250-300 can buy a very good piece of hardware to suit your needs.

    First, "echo" is feedback - most web cams do not have independent gain controls for input and output, and I would recommend turning down the gain on the input controls. Second, that unit you're using is wifi-only and has longstanding problems with restricted wifi networks (not getting into that here). Third, if you're going to stick to that unit - turn off all other wifi items talking to the point of connection the unit is using and make sure the appropriate ports are open on the router(s) for the software you're using. Last, and again if you're planning to continuing to use your unit do use a quality remote microphone AND put a couple of layers of thick tape over the webcam's mike.
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    Professional conferencing cam...

    Thanks for your reply... I was under the impression that I did that- spend about that $250 on the Logitech Broadcaster cam. Costs nearly as much as a camcorder. Byond that I only saw solutions costing $1000 plus which really is too much and I'm not sure they would work either, if an $50 C905 and the built in webcam in the ipad works better than the $250 Broadcaster...

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