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Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by luminosity, Oct 7, 2006.

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    Jan 10, 2006
    The november issue of consumer reports (their annual electronics issue) is the second time i've seen bad info given for apple products, but this was considerably more egregious than the first time.

    listed as one of the six "quick pick" brands, the con section informs readers that little productivity software is included with macs, and that no word processor is included. the latter is outright false, while the former is highly debateable. in the same section, the reader is informed that you'll "possibly experience fewer problems" with spyware and viruses, rather than the much more accurate "almost no problems". mac laptops are said to have an "undistinguished" reliablity history.

    the mac mini is listed as having only a core solo, while also having integrated speakers.

    in a previous issue, an ibook was listed that couldn't possibly exist, as they somehow combined the 12 and 14 inch models into a hybrid.

    what gives?
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    Sounds like an overlapping publishing schedule to me.

    I used to edit a marine publication that was updates on overlapping production schedules.

    People would call and say "you said that inlet was deep and its shoaled over" when we had done our last publish six months prior.

    CR probably complied the piece before the changes you note.

    And Text Edit is not reall a word processor that anyone coul dget real work done on.

    What productivity software are they talking about? If it's an office suite, nothing is certainly "included."

    And thank God they don't have a recorded reliability history for lappy's over the last year. :eek:

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