Bad RAM?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by hkriffraff, Apr 8, 2006.

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    I recently doubled from 512mb to 1GB ram on my 1.25ghz, 15" powerbook by adding 512MB of some Japanese brand of memory called Century (?). Since then, OS X has frozen a couple times, often when the laptop is in sleep mode, it seems to go off eventually. Powering on the notebook sometimes requires several presses. Can this all be blamed on the RAM? I also have an old battery and am running out of hard disk space.
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    If the problems started once you installed your ram that could very well be it. Shut 'er down and take out the newly installed ram. Restart using only the ram you had originally. If OSX runs smooth without your new ram you have found your problem.
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    Agreed, you could also try the hardware test disc and see what happens as well. Really what you need to do is get Ram that is guaranteed to work in your PB and not take any chances with problems from bad/non-compatible Ram.
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    Your 15" 1.25 is the fussiest Apple laptop made for RAM. It fails with most third-party RAM, including the Kingston KVR and the Crucial CT12864X335 -- Crucial have a special part only for the 1.0-1.33 MHz Aluminum models.

    We recommend only the Samsung original memory for 1 Gb size in this model.

    If you are in the USA, Data Memory Systems has the 1 Gb Samsung #DM50 155 for $ 124 and a compatible 512 Mb #DM50 154-1 for $ 55

    Also clean up your hard disk. DeLocalizer will delete 800 - 900 Mb of foreign language resources from your OSX, and CacheOutX will clean up caches and logs.

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