Bad sectors on Macintosh HD?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by bob5820, Dec 5, 2006.

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    I'm having some problems backing up my Macintosh HD on my MacPro. I'm trying to back up to an external FW drive using SuperDuper. My first run through there was no problem. Since then I've moved my /Users directory to another HD, and partitioned my external FW into two volumes. My hard drive arangement now looks like this.
    1) Macintosh HD (250 GB stock drive) - Contains OSX (except for /Users), and apps
    2) Data (500 GB Segate) /Users

    External drive (500 GB Segate) partitioned as such
    1) DataBackUp - 400 GB partition for backing up /Users
    2) OSbackUp - 100 GB partition for backing up Macintosh HD

    The data disk backs up no problem. However when I try to back up Macintosh HD the back up hangs. After posting on the SD forum the feeling is that I have a bad sector in my /usr/bin/folder.

    How do I confirm this, and how do I repair it if true? Can I check with Disk utilities or do I need a 3rd party solution like TechTools. I have a copy of TechTools deluxe that came with the Apple Care on my MacBook.
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    If this is your system disk, boot from the system DVD that came with your computer and load up Disk Utility. If it's a different disk, just run Disk Utility normally. Then try "Repair Disk" and see if that fixes it. Might as well fix permissions while you're there, too.

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