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    For the past few weeks I've been writing parts of my dissertation on the iPhone using Pages - I must have written 20+ pages of the thing by now on the phone - it is surprisingly useful. And iCloud would instantly sync every change so I could keep my Mac updated with the newest versions.

    ...until tonight. For some reason, iCloud has simply stopped syncing between iOS and the 'Cloud' for about an hour and a half. I even made a document entitled 'iCloud sync test' about half an hour ago, it sits there, the little ⬆ sign hopefully pointing upward, but no syncing occurs.

    I emailed myself the critical documents I need to avoid a major data loss, but I'm curious if anyone else has had syncing problems with documents on iOS using iCloud.
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    May 12, 2009
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    Ha! Got it to work. For future reference, if you are having iCloud syncing problems, create another document - but in a different app. I used Numbers. Then switch back to the app giving you problems, and the sync should start. I don't know why that worked, but it did.
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    And make sure you haven't hit your limit! You only get 5gbs free, email included.
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    Worse iDisk Problem

    So I figured out the iCloud syncing issue - now my iDisk seems to randomly wipe all my data and replace it. As in all 10 gigs of my dissertation data was just wiped off my computer, and iDisk is currently replacing all of it. Which is just bizarre because I was using those files not even two hours ago.

    Why would iDisk just erase everything? I doubt I've lost anything since it is currently syncing but... what is the #$^@#$% problem with Apple's syncing recently?


    I should also add, no 'Previous iDisk' file was created. It just wiped everything without a back up. From what I can tell there has been no extra disk space gained, so there must be a cache of those files somewhere on this computer. But seriously, ^$@$ Apple - I hate seeing so much weirdness around Ph.D. work I've spent the last 3 years creating.

    ~~~EDIT (again)~~~~

    /Users/<USERNAME>/Library/FileSync/<some numbers>/ contains the files. That said, I'm having a hell of a time trying to transfer the data over to the proper iDisk folder. I still don't understand why the sync agent can't read the $#%@#$^@#$ old iDisk file.

    ~~~EDIT (final)~~~~~
    I managed to fix the iDisk syncing issue:

    1) Copy iDisk files into Dropbox folder
    2) Delete iDisk
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    LOL - Sorry to read of your headaches, but this last update made me laugh!

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