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Jun 29, 2007
Kent, UK
My app, Bambu, has just been updated for iPhone 5. All of the images have been resized and they look great on the new iPhone. It's free so please download as I'd love your feedback!

A bit about Bambu...

Most wallpaper apps out there tend to be quite samey - photos, pictures of cats, glowing things and so on. That's all great - there are some beautiful photos out there - but we wanted to do something different and a bit more arty.

The vast majority of the images in Bambu are original and what makes it quite unique is that we credit the artist and include a link to their details and portfolio for more info. Artists can also sell a set of images in Bambu but most of the images are free.

Each image can be used as wallpaper or send as a greeting on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or as a postcard worldwide (we're using the wonderful Sincerely for that). We're adding more art each week with different styles and new artists all the time.

We're really proud of the app - we've worked enormously hard on its UI and content - so any feedback would be much appreciated!



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Jun 22, 2010
Skinz the new iphone 5 app for your wallpapers and shelves colection

please also check SKINZ on the app store, brand new app with tons of wallpapers for the iphone 5. here are some screenshots

if you want a promo code, go to and request one


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