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Discussion in 'Apple Watch Accessories' started by sjjordan, Jan 4, 2016.

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    Got my wife a white gold sport and she loves it, except for the band. Her birthday is in a few weeks and I'd love to find a ceramic or leather band to match it, but can't find anything for the gold sport. All the leather bands have a aluminum/steel pin that connects to the watch- not the aluminum gold.

    Anyone have any recommendations?

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    Here's a possible solution for her, a gold Apple Watch spring pin adapter that you can put a regular third party band on to it. I have used Apple Watch adapters like this for my SS watch and find them to be very reliable (you don't have to worry about the pentalobe screws coming out on the other adapter style). If you are new to this whole watch/band/adapter thing, it works just like a regular spring pin on a traditional watch's lugs. It would allow you to find any leather band she might like that would fit on it (usually 20mm for the 38mm AW, or 24mm for the 42mm AW but can vary by seller so double check with them what band width it fits). Here's a snake skin band I bought that I put on a spring pin adapter:

    IMG_2530.jpg IMG_2541.jpg

    The adapter is similar in style to one of the adapter ends on Apple's Milanese bands.

    Can't speak to this seller or color finish or fit but at least it's a starting point to you if you go in this direction:

    For other sellers try searching "apple watch adapter gold". Some are shipped from China so if you want it soon for her birthday, I'd suggest looking for a US seller for a quicker ship.

    I see freedomoclock09 (nicknamed Utica guy) also sells a gold spring adapter. I've bought my adapters from freedomoclock09 and have been pleased with his shipping and product. He ships out of Utica, NY. A lot of people on the forum have used him for their adapters, and when I have seen a few people post they received a defective adapter they have said he has responded to their emails and replaced them, so I feel good about recommending him in general.

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