Bandwidth pig traveling in Spain and Germany for 4 weeks

Discussion in 'iPad' started by familytruckster, Jun 25, 2010.

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    I thought I would share this see what people's take it. I leave in a couple weeks for Spain. will be there for 1 weeks then Germany then back to Spain for 2 weeks. ATT International is CRAP.... I have friends at Carriers in Spain so I pinged them.

    SPAIN - first off the whole "movistar iPad data plan is free" as long as you have a smart phone. Here is the real story. you pay 39 Euros for 5 GB then the sim in your smartphone and the sim in the ipad SHARE the 5 GB. Once you hit that on 2 devices (or the lower priced lower limits) then they rate limit your connectivity to 128kbps. So it is not free. So far I think my solution is to land in Spain. Buy the 39 Euro/5 GB plan for my iPad3G. Should be plenty and cheaper than ATT's 200 USD/200MB....
    movistar comes with wifi access too.
    I found a site with these in it too. May look into these over there.
    Spain Vodafone €17,40/mo for 250 MB, €37,12/mo for unlimited
    Spain Orange €3,50/day for unlimited, €35/mo for unlimited

    GERMANY - I have not figured out yet.
    Germany O2 €10/mo for 200 MB, €15/mo for 1 GB, €25/mo for unlimited
    Germany Vodafone €19,95/mo for 200 MB, €29,95/mo for unlimited (fair use applies)

    Anyone swapped the microsim in EU and had any issues bouncing around like this?

    Some links.
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    You could also try Boingo for whenever you're around WiFi hotspots.
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    All the providers I found give you wifi included....same logic as ATT to get people onto terrestrial nx10G core as quick as possible. I definitely need 3g in car over there.

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