Bank Robbery: Great Western Heist

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    Jan 21, 2014
    Today, we have released new iPad / iPhone game: Bank Robbery: Great Western Heist (iTunes).

    The bank in your town has been robbed by local gangsters. As a town´s sheriff, you must take justice in your hands. Let the hostages escape safely and kill all gangsters, before they flee with the loot.

    Robbers escaping from the bank are armed with explosives. Do not let the bombs kill you. If you are hit by a bomb, you will loose one of the sheriff stars. It's a good thing, that you are a super sheriff. You have three lives, so you can be hit three times before you die. Your gun is also a super one. It will never runs out of ammo, but you have to wait one second between shots.

    If you shoot the gangsters, they will drop their loot. You must collect it to increase your score. Be beware of shooting hostages. You will have to pay for that and your score will be decreased. There is no penalty, except of your honor for letting the robbers flee the crime scene.



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    Apr 29, 2015
    Looks like a great original game! Definitely love the graphics and the idea behind it.

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