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    May 13, 2008
    I was wondering if I could get some advice. I'm interested in using personal banking software, for a few reasons - mostly because I go to a small bank, and their online banking site hasn't been very reliable with either Safari or Firefox lately. I know, I know, it's strange, but they do list only IE 6 and 7 as their supported browsers, so whatever. So, I'm looking for banking software that could pull my account info from my online banking website, without me having to go to the site. Does this even exist? I was looking at iBank and Chaching, and for the former it looks like it can do this for a handful of banks...none of which are mine. :eek: As for Cha ching, it looks like this application only supports downloading QFX files, which defeats the purpose as I have to download them from my online banking site.

    So, I was wondering, does this type of application even exist? Or will I have to deal with finding a Windows computer to check my account?? :rolleyes:
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    You might want to look into or
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    I use as well as Fluid App. Fluid allows you to create a SSB for any website you want and create an icon and app for it. I keep my "app" in my dock and it brings account information from all my credit, loan, checking, and savings accounts. I'm pretty happy with it. It took a little while for it to really get all my spending trends accurate and categorize my transactions well. I'm happy with it now though. 2 months in and I don't think I'd use anything else.
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    Hmm, Mint sounds interesting...and surprisingly, it works with my bank!! This might be an obvious question but, it asks me to put in my online banking username and password...which makes me just the teensiest nervous. I mean, I know I would have done this with a native app, so I probably would have hit his wall anyways...hmmm... what do you think??
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    Mint is Amazing!
    Go for it!
    Saved me hundreds already, by showing me things I would have never noticed.
    10 stars
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    Downloading account info to iBank

    Even if your bank doesn't "support" iBank by offering direct connect via the OFX protocol, you should be able to download transactions in the standard QIF format and then easily import those into iBank. As I also use a small, local bank, it's a one-extra-click workaround that's been simple and effective for me.
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    I can't get Mint to work with my credit union and I gave them their web link over a month ago.
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