Bankruptcy Courts Approve Nortel Patent Sale to Apple Consortium

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 11, 2011.

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    Reuters reports that judges in the United States and Canada have approved the $4.5 billion sale of 6,000 Nortel patents to a consortium of bidders led by Apple. Microsoft, Research in Motion, EMC, Ericsson, and Sony were also part of the winning group, which beat out Google for the patents.
    Antitrust regulators are also said to be looking into the sale to determine whether the winning consortium's bid amounted to an unfair coalition effort to shut out Google from key wireless patents. Those concerns have apparently not yet been satisfied, with today's ruling simply pertaining to proper disposition of Nortel's assests with respect to the bankrupt company's creditors.

    Article Link: Bankruptcy Courts Approve Nortel Patent Sale to Apple Consortium
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    Good. F the FTC.
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    I am happy that Apple's consortium prevailed. However, the Federal Trade Commission was doing its job.
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    Tears in Google's eyes. Feels sad.

    But hey, you gotta pay some price for being a bitch to the entire industry.

    But I hope the consortium doesn't charge exorbitant prices while licensing this to Google and other companies. That will be sadder.
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    Maybe the consortium can alleviate that concern simply by confirming that it will license the patented technology. Of course it could charge an arm and a leg for it!
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    Since Microsoft, apple and rim all make mobile phones and have a smaller os share than google, individually, who cAres if they manage to block Google from certain patents. Many other major players will have access do from a competition stand point it is a non
    Issue. We are not a socialist country. As long as the sale continues to allow for a competitive marketplace it should not matter. Protecting individual companies against healthy competition should never be the goal of the FTC. If google had won the patents there would be alegitimate competition concern. With multiple players in the marketplace sharing the patents even if they blocked google it should not matter.

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