Bar thingy across the top (what ever it's called)... problems??


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Dec 29, 2004
Okay, well here goes. I recently (well, about 4 months ago) bought a 1gHz iBook from the Apple store for $800.

I am having problems with the bar across the top of the screen (and I don't know what you call it... def. don't want to refer to it as a taskbar, for fear of the wrath that may befall me for using a windoze term).

Occasionally, when I would restart the computer and log in, the bar would go transparent, with the words showing but no "bar background". Finder would also never fully start; I would never be able to launch a finder window. I could, however, start other programs and apps, and I could open system prefs. When a program was open, the bar went normal, and all the options were available. But as soon as the program was closed, the bar went weird again. It also would not shut down properly in this mode (I would have to do a hard shutdown). This only happened occasionally; other times, the computer would act normally.

I don't have these problems any more (because I formatted the HD and re-installed Panther). I have not had any problems of the sort since (I have also upped the RAM, don't know if this had any affect).

Has anyone else ever seen/heard of this? I have recently been put on the path of righteousness (Macintosh) by a friend of mine, so my current knowledge of the Mac is not very complete. Any info on this would be appreciated, so I can avoid this problem in the future.


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Aug 2, 2004
The Menu bar has been known to do this as a result of the Finder not completely starting up. This could be for several factors, but generally it could be a corrupt Finder, corrupt preferences, etc. It's not very common, and you probably did the right thing in reinstalling the system.


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Jan 9, 2004
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
My menu bar will also occasionally go transparent when an application closes, only to go solid again as soon as I click on it. It did this the first time I ran Safari after upgrading to 10.3.9 this evening. But that seems relatively benign, especially compared to the goofy things the aforementioned task bar's tray does! :eek:


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Jan 21, 2004
South Bucks, UK
I've had this before on my Mac mini, and on one occasion the Airport and Bluetooth icons disappeared leaving behind empty box shapes..

My dock and Expose seems to occasionally mess up as well, with neither working despite being able to open stuff via Quicksilver :confused:

I should do a clean install, but i'm waiting for Tiger as I have loads of Uni work to be doing at the moment and can't spare the time.

Is it really only 45 minutes to Archive and Install like I've heard, or does it take longer in reality?


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Apr 17, 2005
Same issue

I see exactly the same behaviour with both my PB and Desktop - but only when they're plugged into the D-link router/hub that I use to connect to the internet. It eventually behaves normally after a 3-4 minute wait though.

I have a dial-up connection which is not normally on, and I think it's related to network access - I see unsuccessful attempts to resolve '' and other messages in the system logs.


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Mar 1, 2005
I suppose they really don't have menu bars on windows. And I had always thought it was just a rumor. :rolleyes:
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