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    This thread is a bit of a tease, so I apologize in advance...

    In a basement, in an undisclosed location, I have an Apple II bare motherboard (zero parts installed). I also have (IIRC) a few other bare boards and some engineering drawings. Plus a fully assembled II+ and boards, which is somewhat less exciting. I don't know what revision any of this stuff is, but I got to wondering how the previous owner (who I've never met, but know was an engineer) might've came upon it.

    How rare are bare (prototype? sample?) parts like this? Next time I have a chance to rummage this basement, what details should I look out for to elucidate this stuff's history?
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    There are 3 places on an Apple II motherboard you can easily look to see what rev. it is: 1) Under the "Apple Computer" company logo in the center of the board should be a date: 1977, 1978 or 1979, 2) Where the 6502 CPU should be inserted may be printed the rev# as a part number ending in -1, -3 or -4, and 3) later RFI revision boards clearly have "RFI" printed as part of a part number on the left side of the board.

    Have fun investigating!

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    Thanks, I am embarrassed to admit that I dug out the board but forgot to get any pictures while I had the chance. :( It was weirder than I remembered, in that it wasn't actually an Apple board! It turns out that it is a Chinese clone of some sort, without any Apple logos. Maybe in a few months I can take a closer look.
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    I knew someone in College that had a clone Apple II from China - so check for their authenticity...
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