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    Hey guys, I have a bunch of ebooks on my computer which I've converted to .epub using Stanza.... Now I have stanza, barnes and noble and kindle e-readers installed on my iphone. I would like to keep all my books in one library and I've chosen B&N.... So my question is... is there any way to save these E-books from my computer to my B&N library? or am I just limited to the books I buy from B&N? these books are DRM free by the way.
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    To me, this is one of the biggest problems right now with the eBooks. You can't have one universal format. If you buy a book for the kindle, it's tied to the Kindle. If you buy for the Sony, it's tied to the Sony, and if you buy from B&N you're tired to B&N. This is all because of their DRM and the file format that goes with it. Sadly, there is no easy way to convert from one format to another (when DRM is involved).

    I REALLY don't like this! I understand the need for DRM, the publishers want to protect their rights, but the way things are right now, it screws the end user with a capital F.

    This is why I am waiting to buy any more eBooks for the iBookstore to be released. Apple, from what it seems, has the power to get ALL of the big book companies under it's wing and offer, basically all, books with one standard eBook format / DRM. This way, you then have the most standard library. With time, I hope the book companies see things as the record company did, DRM doesn't really matter, people who will buy, will buy anyway, and those who steal will steal anyway. So free those who are honest, they deserve it.

    We will see, but to me, the Apple iBooks will be bigger then the iPad alone. This is assuming that they can be read on the iPhone / iPod Touch with a new app from Apple.

    EDIT: Looks like I didn't answer your question. As far as I can tell, the B&N app doesn't allow you to import books from other sites, even free books. I could be wrong, I don't use it much, but that is how it seemed when I did use it.
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    Yeah I hear you, It would really be nice to have all your books in one centralized location but I guess its not possible. They should at least let you upload books from your computer which are DRM-free. I guess for now I'll be bouncing around from several readers. The thing is that I subscribe to a service which gives me a few free books every month plus I have a few books on my hard drive. Would have been nice to upload those and have them in one library, along with my B&N purchased books. I dont expect them to allow books from amazon though.

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