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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by wolfpackfan, Mar 14, 2015.

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    With last week's announcements did Apple reduce the cost of the base 11" MBA? Reason I ask is the Apple website still shows $899 for the base model. But I just visited my local Apple Store and they have it listed for $799. I asked a blue shirt but she had no clue. She looked at the price and said yes they must have reduced the price. I pointed out the discrepancy with the website and she said the website must be wrong.
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    Apple upgraded the hardware, but the price remained the same. U.S. price for the basic 11-inch MBAir is what you see - $899
    Your store may still have some left over stock of the replaced model, and selling at a discount.
    I'm thinking that's a Good Thing™ :D
    If it is a new model, then get it, $100 off is a good price.
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    I suspect the $799 price is for the base 2014 model.
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    I saw $799 listed at the Apple Store near me too, just last week. Since I already own the 2014 11" I didn't ask if that was for 2014 or 2015 since I'm not looking to purchase a new computer -- but I assume its 2014.

    Sounds like a great price (at least by Apple standards) -- and can tell you its a wonderful computer.

    Scary to think nobody at the Apple store could tell you which model it was for.

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