Base 13" MPB too slow for Logic Pro 8?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by danguiano, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. danguiano macrumors newbie

    Oct 9, 2009
    I'm thinking of buying the base model 13" MBP to run logic pro 8 and also use it for daily stuff... browsing, itunes, photos, ect. is the hard drive going to be too small and slow the computer down once logic is installed? i've never owned a mac and pretty sure logic is going to take up a nice chunk of the hard drive.

    i can't really afford much more... i'm poor man.:D
  2. ICutWithMacs macrumors member

    Jun 8, 2010
    its definatly fast enough. people can run logic 8 on a 2003 powerbook. i am considering getting one too. for running final cut studio
  3. danguiano thread starter macrumors newbie

    Oct 9, 2009
    Sweet! thanks!
  4. skiltrip macrumors 68030

    May 6, 2010
    New York
    I don't run Logic, but I do run PreSonus Studio One Pro, and Pro Tools M-Powered 8 on the base model MBP just fine. You should have no problems. Obviously, a more powerful machine is going to give you more firepower, but the base model MBP is a pretty darn good machine. I love mine.
  5. goldenlotus macrumors regular

    Oct 21, 2007
    Brooklyn, NY
    It runs great on the 13. Logic performance depends more on the amount of ram than the processor. 4 gigs does a great job, but you would want to add more if you plan on using 50+ software instruments at one time. Also a good way to increase your performance is to have all your sample libraries on an external drive, and just leave the program and OS on the laptop drive.

    But rest assured it runs great and fast even if you keep everything on the system drive!
  6. djasterix macrumors 6502a


    Apr 10, 2010
    Paradise City
    Great advice!
  7. Eric5273 macrumors 6502a

    Apr 12, 2009
    New Jersey
    Screen space is more of an issue with Logic. So for some tasks, you may want to get a cheap external monitor and go with a dual monitor setup. But for most things, the 13 by itself will be fine.
  8. CraigB3 macrumors member

    Jul 18, 2009

    I hook up my white macbook (2.2ghz, 4gb ram) to an external monitor and it handles Logic just fine. Never had any issues with it.
  9. mrsir2009 macrumors 604


    Sep 17, 2009
    Melbourne, Australia
  10. danguiano thread starter macrumors newbie

    Oct 9, 2009
  11. robotmonkey macrumors 6502

    Apr 24, 2010
    All macbooks are very fast, it's just that some are faster. The majority of users generally don't even tap into all a core 2 duo has to offer, let alone an i5 or i7.

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