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Feb 8, 2023
what system?
It was on old Intel Mac that was about one year old that was used for magazine publishing using InDesign. I don't remember the model. The SSD was installed a year or so after SSDs became available in an attempt to speed up the system. The SSD was expensive. The speed was increased. Until one day about six years after installation the system would not boot. Back then there were no utilities to gauge the health of the SSD. Nothing was lost as everything was backed up. Rather than replace the SSD we just replaced the Mac sending the old Mac off to be recycled.


Jun 30, 2007
OP is concerned about the potential impact of SWAP on a new Silicon Mac. Nobody can really know for sure about SWAP on Silicon Macs until enough time passes for the impact to show up or not.

See your point. However the fact that SSD wear hasn't been a problem on Intel Macs to me indicates that it won't be a problem on the SOC ones. Only time will tell if that is true.
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